Free download Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile)

Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile)

Many mobile devices have option to change theme of it's operating system (Windows Mobile)
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Soft 2D
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23 August 2008

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If your have Windows mobile powered then would you like to have a look around the ocean coasts? Sounds odd! Mobiles and ocean coast doesn’t seem to be connected? But, with the Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile) 1.0, you can actually find the connectivity of the two, and experience the beauty of ocean coasts in your handset. It provides you a package of different ocean coast themes to be installed at your Windows mobile. Applying the themes is easy and these definitely would give your mobile devices a fantastic look and feel. So get the ocean themes and start feeling the freshness of the moist ocean coast while staying wherever you are.

Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile) 1.0 provides you with a collection of fantastic and beautiful ocean coast themes that not only gives your mobile a better appearance, but also can do wonders to your spirit. Download and install the themes on your Window Mobile, and the only thing left is to apply them on your mobile. You can apply these themes on your PDA, Pocket PC, and cell phones that are based with Microsoft Operating Systems, designed for the mobile devices. You can even download and install the executable file then you need to copy the .tsk file to your mobile device. Then it would appear in your Settings making it easy for you to make the theme selection. With the provided themes you would find your phone standby view and even the menu and sub menu view giving them a beautiful look and feel.

Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile) 1.0 is a great package providing a multitude of aesthetic themes that provides you the freshening feel of ocean coast. It is rated at 3.5 points owing to its stunning graphics and for the fact that the themes are easy to load and apply.

Publisher's description

Many mobile devices have option to change theme of it's operating system (Windows Mobile). The mobile themes for mobile devices are designed and tested for Pocket PC, PDA and cell phones which operate with Microsoft Operating Systems designed for mobile devices. This Windows Themes package comes in free and cost version, none of them contains any kind of malicious software or plugins. Free version is free to download and use, has only one theme just to see how it looks like on your mobile device. In order to download the full version you will have to make a purchase which has 20 themes generally categorized. You can download .exe file, install it on your PC, copy the ,tsk file from destination directory (PC) to your mobile device (where you like) and it should appear in your Settings (Today) in order to select a theme.
Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile)
Ocean Coast Themes (Windows Mobile)
Version 1.0
Free Download

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Teriffic theme.........gud job guys
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